This course is designed for people aged 50 and over who are feeling the ills of smoking and want to quit. The course will also benefit anyone else out there, younger than 50 who is sensible enough to want to avoid smoking-related health problems later in life.  

Some Health Benefits to look forward to

  • More energy
  • Healthier eating habits
  • Better Sleep  
  • Clear voice
  • Fresh skin tone
  • Sparkling eyes
  • Ability to smell the roses

More Personal Benefits

  • More spending money in your pocket
  • Power to overcome temptation 
  • Refreshed love and respect from your family
  • More self-love and self-respect 
  • More friends 
  • Attend more social engagements
  • An amazing feeling of freedom

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    The Quit Smoking Project Introduction

  • 2

    Phase One - Self Motivation

  • 3

    Phase One: Breaking Down the Mental Barriers

    • Be kind to yourself

    • Task Two: Listing the Barriers

  • 4

    Quiz One: Believe it or Not

  • 5

    Phase One: Setting Goals

    • Setting the Goals

  • 6

    Create Your Vision of the Future

    • Your Future Life

  • 7

    Phase One: Start New Habits

    • New Habits for New Energy

  • 8

    Phase One: Plan the Quitting Date

    • The Best Time to Quit

  • 9

    Phase Two: Quit smoking for life

    • Quit smoking

    • Bounce back up if you fall down

    • How to be a non-smoker for life

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

Sandy De Leo

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