Kill the Cravings

Before you attempt to quit smoking, prepare yourself with this short course. The course is designed to give you a choice of strategies to help you manage the cravings. 

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction: Sandy De Leo

    • Introduction

  • 2

    Visualisation and Dissociation

    • How to kill the cravings using visualisation and dissociation

  • 3


    • Kill the cravings by using your personal affirmations

  • 4

    Occupy Yourself

    • Keep the mind and the hands busy

  • 5

    Emotional Intelligence

    • Sometimes you must feel it to heal it

  • 6

    Nicotine Substitutes and Prescribed Drugs

    • Spending money on artificial aids instead of using free willpower

  • 7

    Quit smoking for life

    • How to quit smoking for life

  • 8

    Take the Quiz

    • Chose the best strategy

  • 9

    Please give us some feedback

    • Killing the cravings Survey

About the instructor

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

Sandy De Leo

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Coaching can't cure you, but with some coaching, you can cure yourself.

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